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Graphic Design


Business Cards
Business cards are an important networking tool. A gorgeous card will capture the attention of your peers and potential customers. To make this possible, Palay offers you many types of card designs. Please contact us today for more information on our various card options. On this page we have listed some of our most popular options as well as this week’s special.

Think Outside The Rectangle
Palay now offer Business cards in special shapes!
UV coated Business cards
UV coated Business cards are our most popular cards. These cards are the best bang for the buck! These cards are thick and clean looking. The UV coating is durable and glossy; it looks great and extends the life of your cards.

Free Custom Card Design
with Your Purchase of 1000 Plastic Business Cards.

Plastic business cards are a great eye catcher and conversation starter. You will definitely be remembered with these high class cards. The durability of these cards makes them priceless.
They are water proof and they don’t wrinkle, no matter where they end up you will still look good.

Post Cards
Palay offers custom postcard design and printing. Get your customers attention with full color high end graphic postcards. Our post cards come in many sizes to fit your advertising needs.  Don’t miss out on potential customers, call for a quote today. 

Get Maximum Exposure Out of Each Card.
Ask Us About EndurACE
EndurACE is Water Proof, Resilient Paper.


Window Cling
Window Cling is a self-adhesive material that clings to glass or glass-like smooth clean surfaces. Window cling does not use glue so it is easily removed and does not leave a stickey residue behind. Window Clings are near photo quality and ideal for window signage or storefront decoration. They are printed on a glossy material and can be used indoor or outdoor.


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