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Graphic Design


Palay offers custom layouts and graphics perfect for all your advertising needs.
Brochure and Print Layouts
Emphasize the value of your products, with full color custom brochure and page layouts.  These layouts include high resolution graphics that perfect for printing. With high quality professional designs your print items will come out vibrant and clear insuring the best representation of your products or services

Palay designs custom ads that are perfect for web and print. Our high quality graphic ads can be used for web banners, posters, postcards, print ads.

Palay Ad

Website layout

Website Layouts
High end graphics are at the heart of any successful website. Graphics are used to guide users through your website, as well as sell your products.

Our website layouts include:

  • Custom Headers
  • Custom Color Schemes
  • Interactive Buttons
  • Page Backgrounds
  • Ad Layouts

Large Graphic Layouts

Large graphic layouts are very complicated due to their size. They  use up an excessive amount of processing power and memory. They can also be very challenging because the size ratio makes designing large layouts difficult.  When developing large format graphics you should always hire someone who has experience with this type of design. Palay Designers have the experience and knowledge to insure that your large format graphics come out how you want them.

Large Graphic



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