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Graphic Design


Logo Development
Palay Graphic designers work with you to develope a logo that will represent your company and its products. If you have an idea or drawing our designers can help you turn it into a high end graphic.

Slogan Development

A catchy slogan can make your name synonymous with your products. Palay Designers can also help you develope a slogan that will be remembered for years to come.

Custom Color Scheme
Our designers can develop a color scheme that will invoke a positive emotional response from your clients. Once a color scheme is developed our designers will help you incorporate it into your products and services.

Branding Consulting
Palay offers brand consulting for business owners who want to be in charge of there marketing campaign.


logo design

3D logos and animated logos are available. View Sample!

Logo price is based on difficulty of design. Call for a quote today! (408) 986-8224

Call us: (408) 986-8224  
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